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Experience wine with Harry's Big Wine Adventure

Building relationships and uplifting wine lovers, wines, winemakers and estate owners through engaging, information sharing, storytelling, connecting people and remaining independent.

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My philosophy is that wine is a social tool put on this earth to help people look each other in the eye, engage and tell stories. As such I find myself in the role of being a fun-seeking wine 'Super Hero' protecting the common crusader from those who 'Know It All'.

‘Harry’s Big Wine Adventure’, which has been going since 2012, provides an informal platform to unveil the mystery of wine for its followers. In this context I am often busy giving tastings which emphasise the stories behind the wines, rather than just what’s found in the glass.

This journey has seen me become a Cape Wine Master as well as the 4th principal of the Cape Wine Academy in its 40 years of existence. I have also joined forces with Escape+Explore to build a luxury wine offering that combines well with the very best in experiential and flexible adventure touring. 

My wine adventures focus on the interactions between people by creating a chance to slow down, share a story and engage while learning in a quirky, unpretentious way what the South African winelands have to offer. Of course, visiting the best wine farms and drinking the most delicious wine is a given. But with a story, eye contact and a handshake those very wine farms and their wines are sure to be even better.


Welcome to my adventure...


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'Love In A Time Of Corona' has been the highlight of our lockdown period. Something new and different to look forward to, as the sameness of each lockdown Groundhog day rolled around. Plus I’ve learnt so much about the Cape, heard interesting stories about the estates and have a new long list of wines I’m dying to taste. Harry has been such a star in pulling it all together....I hope he realizes the importance it’s played in our lives during lockdown.

Sean Lavery

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